Introducing our Online Costing and Sales System

Introducing our Online Costing and Sales System

To be at the forefront of frozen food production and delivery, you need state of the art IT systems. At Gourmet Island, we invest heavily in our infrastructure to ensure that we maintain and improve on the high standards we offer to our customers.

This is why we will shortly be bringing online our new bespoke enterprise resourcing and sales system which servers a two fold purpose. Firstly, by integrating more fully the data we acquire from our suppliers we will be able to provide much better access to traceability information on the products we sell. It is important that both we and our customers have confidence in the original source of the meats we use. This extends right from the field to the dinner table. In the event of any anomalies we can quickly identify the source of the problem and instigate remedial actions quickly to safeguard product quality. This is to maintain trust for the end customer and resellers alike.

The second feature and the one that we are most excited about is the bringing online of a new unique online quotation and sales system. Never before in the frozen meat industry has a customer been able to find out immediately costings for products without having to utilise old fashion phone calls and product quotation requests. These are time consuming and in modern business, we simply don’t have time for it. By utilising our online quotation and purchasing system you will be able to find out yourself through the click of a mouse the cost of fifty palettes of 90% gourmet patties or one hundred tonnes of quality lamb meatballs (amongst other things of course!). What is more, you can also specify where you want the product delivered and our online pricing system will deliver up to you instantly the cost to have the product arrive on your doorstep. Anywhere in Europe is not a problem!

Moving with the times and embracing the most modern IT systems and processes is what gives us the edge in this noisy market. We are delighted with the new systems we have seen and once we are finished testing them, and bring them online we are sure you will be delighted to.

Watch this space for further updates. Our new system is expected to go live later this year!


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